My iPhone is dead. Long live my iPhone! Today I wonder, how did I ever make it through college?

My iPhone died. Well, not died necessarily, but it’s dead to me. I was upgrading it to the newly released 4.2 Gold Master, when it threw a fatal error. Can’t upgrade. Tried going back to 4.1 - same error. So that sucks. Made an appointment at the Genius bar at the apple store for this afternoon. I’m confident they’ll fix it. But here’s the problem - what do I do between now and then?

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Do not buy a new Tivo. Just trust me. You'll regret it. We do.

TiVo has completely lost their way. I love TiVo. Or have. I got my first one in 1999. It has started having issues (locks up every couple of days and has to be power cycled). That sucks, but the thing is 11 years old. So, for my wife’s birthday last month, I bought my wife a new TiVo Premiere XL. I thought it would be a good idea. Wow, I was wrong.

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We have a Winner! (so far) - the Battle of the iPad Styli

A long, long time ago, I bought the first US Robotics Pilot 5000. Using Graffiti, I could actually take notes for the first time in a meeting that I wouldn’t have to type in later (although I did have to correct missed letters periodically). I used PalmOS and a Stylus to take notes up through my Kyocera 7135, which I loved. But when it died, I couldn’t bring myself to get another phone with that outdated OS, so I made the jump to Windows Mobile with a Verizon xv6600 in 2004 or so.

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