New Jekyll Blog, New Resolutions

As 2018 draws to a close, I’ve revamped my blog again, this time using straight Jekyll and my own fork of Artem Sheludko’s Flexible Jekyll theme. My old blog was on Octopress, and it seems to be abandonware, and with GitHub doing Jekyll natively now, it seemed to make sense. So now that I have a new blog, I’m resolving to write more, spend more time reading long-form text (books and articles written with expertise and thought), and spend less time on short-form text (hot takes, social media and the 24-hour news cycle).

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Migrated from SquareSpace to Octopress

I’ve moved my blog from Squarespace to OctoPress. I’ve gotten more and more frustrated with SquareSpace over the last couple of years. They moved to their new version 6 product, but it has no API access. This is a real annoyance for me, but SquareSpace doesn’t seem to care. So my only options for adding content there are their buggy web interface, their even buggier iPad app, or stay on their old version 5, which is very buggy, and not getting any development resources.

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Blog Moved to SquareSpace

Even though Blogger is back now, I’ve moved my blog to SquareSpace. Truth be told, I was never particularly happy with anyway, and I don’t mind paying for decent software and services, and the SquareSpace iPad app is the best blogging experience on the iPad I’ve found, so the Blogger Outage was the kick in the pants that I needed to make the switch. Glad I did.

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Blogging workflow with Reeder

I’m a huge fan of Reeder for both the iPhone and iPad. It’s so much faster and more convenient than any other Google Reader client I’ve dealt with, I haven’t launched Socialite or NetNewsWire in weeks.So, when I decided I was going to start blogging regularly, I wanted to make it easy for me to do so. This is the workflow I worked out: I set up a blog on blogspot, and then linked it to my site (which I edit with RapidWeaver) with RapidBlog from Loghound.

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Blog On

So I read this great article on why I should be blogging. So I decided I should start blogging.So here I am blogging :).Now, to be (at least partially) a programming blog, I need to be able to post code. I was playing with the High-Light plug-in for Rapid Weaver last year when I was playing with this blog the first time, but it doesn’t do Objective-C (at least not well - and Objective-C is what I’ll probably blog about the most), so I went hunting, and found highlight and used the installer from here to get it running on my Mac.

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