Migrated from SquareSpace to Octopress

July 8, 2013    

I’ve moved my blog from Squarespace to OctoPress.

I’ve gotten more and more frustrated with SquareSpace over the last couple of years. They moved to their new version 6 product, but it has no API access. This is a real annoyance for me, but SquareSpace doesn’t seem to care.

So my only options for adding content there are their buggy web interface, their even buggier iPad app, or stay on their old version 5, which is very buggy, and not getting any development resources.

So, I went in search of another blogging platform, and I decided on OctoPress. I tried a couple of others first, notably WordPress (via WPEngine), but trying to import my old blog content and have it show up at the correct old URLs was just too much work.

So I wrote this ruby script to convert my old content from SquareSpace to Octopress. There might be some glitches (like, I haven’t gotten comments set up), but I think I like it so far.