If you want facts, Indie, I've none to give you, at least not yet.

July 5, 2011    

As I’ve written before, I’m very optimistic about the state of iPhone and iPad App development.  I’ve published several apps on the side, and while I’ve worked on several Apps at my day job, Apps was only part of my day job, and I didn’t get a chance to focus on mobile the way I really wanted to.

Well, today, that all changes.

My last day at my day job was the last day of June, I took a long 4th of July weekend off, and now I’m moving into App development full time.  I’m still working on turning my " write iOS Apps from an iOS device" project into a shipping application, and I want to get iCloud-enabled refreshes of some of my existing apps ready for the iOS 5.0 launch this fall.  Hopefully along the way, I’ll find some contract work to help pay the bills.  Please let me know if you run into someone who needs to get an App built.

I’ve done the Indie thing before, although it’s been 6 years, last time it was C and SQL instead of Objective-C and Core Data, and I didn’t have children then.  But, I’m looking forward to it. It was always more fun and challenging than I expected, and I doubt it will be different this time.

But, at the moment, I have no idea how this is going to turn out, and that’s exciting.

Wish me luck.