It's a Game! (Not sure if it's any fun, yet, though)

November 10, 2010    

Movie code starts !

Movie code ends !

So it actually kind of looks like a game now. I need scoring, I guess, and some consequences, but the idea is there.

From The List:

  1. Get a cocos2d hello world screen showing the big blue ball royalty-free NASA supplied image

  2. Get a quick sprite to be the bad guy on the screen.

  3. Cover the world in an opaque block when screen is touched and restore it when touches end

  4. Make the alien move.

  5. Make the alien able to collide with the block.

  6. Make the game over popup if the alien collides with the world while the block isn’t up.

  7. Make aliens and shields of different colors.

  8. Make a stream of aliens.

  9. See if it’s any fun at all.

4 items down, 7 hours to go.