Not Feeling Entitled So Far (Sandbox or Dropbox, Pick Only One)

After reading this useful post, I thought I would take a few minutes and enable entitlements on my current Mac App project, just to see how it went. I thought I’d take a minute and blog about what I learned, both so I remember the next time I want to do this, and because I didn’t find any resources out there that explained some of this, so I had to do trial-and-error on some of it.

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Programming an iPad with an iPad: Putting the "Mobile" into Mobile App Development

This is a talk I gave on Thursday at the Austin CocoaCoder group (and here is the PDF if you don’t do Flash): Developing iOS apps on your iPad with XCAB View more presentations from Carl Brown The code is here on GitHub, and you’ll need this version of iOS-BetaBuilder and accounts with Boxcar and Dropbox. It’s not perfect, yet. There’s no provision for managing XCode projects or xib files (you’ll still have to do all that on the Mac), no auto-complete or refactoring or debugging or instruments and the lag and long cycle time gets old.

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What a Difference 2 Years Makes - a Study in Contrasts With iPhone Ad-Hoc App Distribution

The first iPhone App that I worked on was submitted in October of 2008. The month before we submitted, there was a flurry of emails between me and my customer, a sample of which are reproduced below: Begin forwarded message: From: Customer Date: September 16, 2008 12:58:19 PM CDT To: Carl Brown Subject: Re: iPhone project status My Identifier is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Emails omitted for brevity. Begin forwarded message: **From: ** Customer

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