Unit Testing

HTTP Testing to the edge on iOS: The School of Hard Mocks

I’m a big fan of Automated Testing, even on iOS projects, but even when I was doing mostly Ruby, Java and C# work, I was never a big user of mock objects. Now, I’ll admit that Mock objects can be useful under some circumstances, but I’ve seen them used too often in cases where a bunch of different developers each build their own little fiefdoms of their own code surrounded by Mock Objects where they interact with anything else.

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NSInMemoryStoreType is not a good substitute in unit tests

So I was writing some tests for my KidChart app, which uses core data, and I wasted a ton of time, so I thought I’d post to warn people. I wanted to avoid having to reset the state for each test, and I wanted the tests to run quickly, so I used┬áNSInMemoryStoreType for my persistent store in my unit tests. This is a technique I’ve used before in other programming languages, and I was new to Core Data, so I was applying what I had done before to something I had insufficiently researched.

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