Fragmented Capital - It Just Got Harder to Be an iOS Indie Developer

With Apple’s announcements yesterday, it just got a lot more expensive to develop for Apple’s ecosystem. I’ve written before about why it’s important to test your code on as many different devices as you can before you ship. That’s been getting harder and harder over time, but it just got a whole lot worse. Up until now, Apple pretty much only released one new iPhone a year. Yes, they released two last year, but the 5C wasn’t all that different from the 5 for programming purposes, so many of the devs I know skipped it.

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What a Difference 2 Years Makes - a Study in Contrasts With iPhone Ad-Hoc App Distribution

The first iPhone App that I worked on was submitted in October of 2008. The month before we submitted, there was a flurry of emails between me and my customer, a sample of which are reproduced below: Begin forwarded message: From: Customer Date: September 16, 2008 12:58:19 PM CDT To: Carl Brown Subject: Re: iPhone project status My Identifier is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Emails omitted for brevity. Begin forwarded message: **From: ** Customer

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The Rules - At Least As I See Them (Well, the First Two)

Since I’ve been dealing with computers, I’ve developed some rules of thumb. The first rule seems obvious, although I’m constantly surprised by the people that break it. It is:Rule 1: Never run a command on a computer that affects the communications path through which you are connected to that machine.This is slightly more complicated than it sounds - especially when configuring routing protocols in routers. You change things such that you lose your routes from where you are to that machine, and it’s time for Plan B.

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A Tale of Two Table Views - my UISearchBar Race Condition that I finally found

OK, so I finally found my race condition, I’d talked about here and here. So, in my KidChart app, I have a UITableView that has a list of all behaviors that people can pick from: and in the search box above, people can start typing to narrow down existing behaviors and then click on one so they don’t have to scroll as much. As soon as the UISearchBar gets focus, it does this:

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UI Automation App Input

So, I’ve been doing more UI Automation test work, and I’ve discovered a couple of things. I’m kind of trying to write them up as I run into them, although I’m putting together a helper library that I’ll announce at some point, hopefully soon. So, what I’m trying to work on is a race condition in my KidChart app. The issue (I think) has to do with notifications during input into an UISearchBar.

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Apple iOS iPhone UI Automation Testing: What does Accessibility have to do with it?

Trying to do some UI Automation testing going on one of my Apps today. Have a race condition, so I want to have a script to run it over and over again to have a better chance of catching the problem (more on that in a later post). So, I just wasted 2 hours trying to test this structure: And the problem was that I had this set in Interface Builder:

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