Horror Movie Productivity

September 6, 2010    

A few years ago, I had a job that involved writing software while I worked at home.  I, like many people in that situation, struggled with how to keep myself motivated.I found my thoughts wandered too much if the house was silent.  I tried music, which had worked for me in an office setting, but I had trouble getting into “the Zone” like I felt I needed to.Eventually, I found something that worked quite well for me - horror movies.It needed to be something of a B-movie caliber, and preferably something I’d seen before, so I didn’t get sucked into the plot, but it worked.  I think the tricks movie-makers use to build tension gave me the sense of urgency I needed.So now, whenever I need to get something done, I’ll throw a little window in the corner of my screen playing  Resident Evil or Eight-Legged Freaks or the like, and before long, the code just starts flowing.So the next time you can’t get motivated, you might want to try it, and see if it works for you.