SEO fail: Is This Thing On?

September 3, 2010    

So I’ve blogged every day for a week now and, oddly enough, I can’t find my own site on google, even when I look for exact matches for strings in older blog posts. I’ve started using a plugin for RapidWeaver, SiteMap, that’s supposed to improve SEO, but I don’t know if it’s helping.That being said, it’s still early, and I don’t really know what I’m doing. I’ve read several often contradictory books and articles about SEO, but I’ve never really tried it out myself, so I’ll see how it ends up.The two things I ’m concerned about at the moment are 1) I’m using the RapidBlog plugin to mirror content between my site and Blogger, and so it’s possible that my site is getting ranked down because the content is in two places (although that isn’t the case for some other sites I’ve found that are running RapidBlog), and 2) The RapidBlog plugin doesn’t let me change thetags on the permalink pages, so the articles might not appear as relevant. I might end up trying a combination of RapidBlog (which I love, because it makes blogging much more convenient) and normal RapidWeaver blog pages and see if the “normal” blog pages show up better in Google. Regardless, it’s still early in my learning process, and I’ll document what I figure out here.